Welcome to Fathom Freediving Bali.

Under the waves is a true wilderness, alive with strange creatures. It’s a mysterious world of origins that touches something deep within us. Freediving is a therapeutic return to water and, when mastered, is a natural, calm activity that invigorates and inspires us.

Our school is here to share freediving with anyone who feels drawn to it. We incorporate aspects of yoga, breathwork and psychology into certified PADI and AIDA courses. We encourage students to unlock their amphibious potential, finding inner peace through the transformative freedom they experience. Freediving alters our consciousness in subtle but real ways.

The underwater world opens to those who approach it with soft focus and clear intention. States of mind reached during freediving can positively impact other areas of life. We become able to let go, live in the moment and manage emotions.

Do you want to discover a magical space… in water and within yourself?

Nurture a fluid awareness of aquatic flow. Join us on an alchemical adventure into the liquid wilderness.

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Who We Are

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Sam Henry

  • Founder of Fathom Freedive Bali.
  • SSI Level 3 Freediving Instructor.
  • PADI Master Freediving Instructor Trainer.
  • Photographer.
  • Yoga teacher/ Breathwork coach.

In 2005 I started freediving and spearfishing in the cold North Sea where I grew up. After completing a degree in Marine Biology, I left the UK to discover warmer waters…

I love being in the ocean.  It connects me to nature and disconnects me from the concerns of modern life. Freediving allows for a deeper exploration. Inwardly and outwardly. Another world that feeds and energizes the soul.

It also helps people develop in mental, physical and emotional ways. We can bond with other human beings through this shared exploration of self and sea.

We cover some serious topics on a freediving course, but keeping the atmosphere relaxed actually supports progression. There can be real challenges involved, but we aim to have fun.

Courses include yogic breathing techniques to benefit physical health, whilst cultivating a calm and present state of mind. These techniques help to reduce general anxiety, supporting your freediving practice and contributing to a balanced life. They are also a great tool for meditation.

For more freediving insights, thoughts and feelings, please read my blog. You can also follow my adventures on Instagram and Youtube.

Nistia Rettob

  • PADI Freediving Instructor
  • Underwater Model
  • Underwater Photographer
  • Video Editor

Originally born in Merauke-Papua (Indonesia), I moved to Bali and graduated with a degree in Computer Science. An interest in surfing started with learning to swim, which then lead me to snorkeling and freediving.

Running adventure tourism expeditions around Indonesia allowed me to experience some of the worlds most stunning and diverse marine habitats. An appreciation of how these systems are connected to the traditional way of life for indigenous people has been an inspiration for my journey into freediving.

After meeting Sam in Bali, I qualified as a freediving instructor in 2019. I am also passionate about underwater film production.

Kelahiran Merauke-Papua (Indonesia), saya pindah untuk kuliah di Bali dan lulus dengan gelar di bidang Ilmu Komputer. Ketertarikan pada dunia selancar dimulai dengan belajar berenang, yang kemudian membawa saya ke snorkeling dan freediving.

Menjalankan ekspedisi wisata petualangan di Indonesia memungkinkan saya untuk melihat beberapa habitat laut yang paling menakjubkan dan beragam di dunia. Apresiasi tentang bagaimana sistem ini terhubung dengan cara hidup tradisional masyarakat adat telah menjadi inspirasi bagi perjalanan saya menuju freediving.

Setelah bertemu Sam di Bali, saya mulai mengikuti kursus dengannya dan memenuhi syarat sebagai instruktur freediving PADI pada tahun 2019. Saya juga tertarik dengan produksi film bawah air.

Location and School

We are based in Jemeluk Bay, in a fishing town called Amed, East Bali, Indonesia. With beautiful coral gardens, reefs and walls to be explored, this bay is abundant with marine life.

Facilities include large air-conditioned classroom, open air classroom and hot/cold water showers.

Unlike the oversaturated tourist destinations in South Bali (Canggu, Kuta etc), Amed has not lost the traditional, relaxed atmosphere. Restaurants, yoga studios, beer gardens and bars overlook the shimmering waters of the bay, a great place to watch the sun set behind mount Agung. A winding road runs along the coastline with ocean on one side and towering hills on the other. Shipwrecks, waterfalls, beaches and colorful culture is here. For more information see our Amed guide.