PADI Freediver (Level 1)

Freediving is an ancient skill and the human body is well prepared for going underwater on a single breath. Our physiology transforms, as our body remembers and activates the “Mammalian dive reflex”. Discovering this relic of your origin can be exhilarating and empowering. A delicate blend of focus and abstraction, control and letting go. An exercise in trusting the body and calming the mind. Freediving becomes a natural and peaceful experience, a break from stress and left-brain thinking of every day modern life.

Our Bali freediving courses in help unlock this innate ability, allowing you to explore the ocean freely. With the right guidance, over the course of two days, students learn to go deeper and stay longer underwater. Confidence grows as mental and physical adaptation develops.

We learn how to shift from a strongly engaged mind state represented by Beta brain waves, into the resting and unengaged mind state represented by Alpha brain waves. In some cases we may even slip into the highly creative, daydreaming space of Theta brain waves.

Skills gained in freediving can often translate into other areas of life. We may gain self-confidence and purpose. We become able to let go, live in the moment and manage emotions with mindfulness. Achievements in the ocean lead us to a broader perspective of what is possible for us as individuals.


Course overview:

We begin with learning how to relax the mind/body and increase your breath hold time using simple breathing techniques. We cover physiology and how You practice how to move efficiently through the water and perform rescues. From beginners to those that have some experience, this course creates safe and confident freedivers with the right foundation to progress further.

Your experience and goals are always discussed before starting this freediving Bali course. The theory covers some simple science on how the body adapts to freedive training. We practice dry simulations of holding the breath before entering the water.

In the water we cover hydrodynamic body alignment, effective kicking, duck diving and buddy systems. Students can often dive as deep as 20m after completing this Bali freediving course. However, we put more emphasis on achieving a good relaxed feeling during each dive, rather than pushing to your absolute limit. After completing this course, you may want decide to continue your freediving journey, for more information about our advanced course click here.

Freediving Bali courses happen in Amed at our centre. The tropical coral reefs here are teeming with marine life, making them a great place to learn.

We are passionate underwater photographers and provide a free, high definition, JPEG album of your freediving Bali course. Follow us on Instagram, click here


US$ 200

Price includes:

  • Unlimited water refills.
  • Full equipment rental.
  • Color enhanced photos of your Bali freediving course.

Extra costs:

  • Transport from airport to Amed: $40 (1 way)
  • PADI certification: $41

Discounts Available:

  • 2 people group: 10%
  • 4 people group: 15%
  • 2 courses booked together: 10%
  • Indonesian KTP: 15%
  • KITAS: 10%

PEASE NOTE: Discount is only applied when requested during booking process.



Day 1: Eat a good breakfast.

9:00am. Classroom theory session:

  • The Mechanics of breathing efficiently and correctly.
  • Establishing a calm response to the urge to breathe.
  • The dangers of hyperventilation.
  • Breath as the mind / body link.

Practical Breathing workshop:

  • Taking a full breath.
  • Diaphragmatic relaxation breathing.
  • Recovery breathing.
  • Breath-hold practice and feedback.

Classroom theory session:

  • Equipment induction.
  • Buoyancy and correct weighting.
  • Frenzel Equalisation technique.

Ocean session 1:

  • Snorkel breathing and resting on the surface.
  • Equalisation practice.
  • Free immersion.
  • Finning down.
  • Body positioning/alignment.
  • Duck diving.


Discussion and feedback.

Classroom theory session:

  • Boyles Law (how pressure effects volume).
  • Calculating lung volume at depth.
  • Mechanism and avoidance of pressure related injury.
  • The Mammalian Dive Reflex (how the body is made for freediving).

Finish 4:00pm – 5:00pm


Day 2: Eat a small breakfast.

9:00am. Ocean Session 2:

  • Warm ups.
  • Skills practice.
  • Diving Deeper.


Classroom theory session (safety):

  • Hypoxia and loss of motor control.
  • Buddy systems for spearfishing and freediving.
  • Rescue technique.
  • Ocean dangers.
  • Open discussion.
  • Exam.
  • Freediving films.

Ocean Session 3:

  • Completion of skills
  • Rescue practice.
  • Enjoyment.
  • Fun dive and photo shoot in Jemeluk bay coral reef.

Finish 4:00pm – 5:00pm.

Please Note:

  • Course schedule may vary depending on instructor.

Booking conditions:

  • Deposits made for specific course dates are non-refundable.
  • You may change the date up to 48 hours before the booking.
  • Under special circumstances deposits may be transferable.
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