PADI Freediver (Level 1)


2 Day Course - PADI Freediver Level 1



Anyone can learn to freedive.

Our courses involve individualised coaching, at different comfort and ability levels within a small group. We want students to have fun and feel safe. Enjoying the ocean in this relaxed and supportive atmosphere is the best context for developing new skills..

Freediving course in Amed Bali Indonesia

Discover your aquatic ability

Freediving is an ancient skill and the human body is well prepared for going underwater on a single breath. Many coastal indigenous cultures still freedive to hunt for food.

Our physiology transforms as our body remembers and activates the ‘Mammalian dive response’. Discovering this relic of your origin can be exhilarating and empowering. An exercise in trusting the body’s in-built mechanisms whilst remaining mentally calm. A delicate blend of focus and abstraction, control and letting go.

Our Bali freediving courses help to unlock this innate ability, allowing you to explore the ocean freely. With the right guidance, confidence grows as mind/body adaptation develops.

Freediving Bali

How deep?

We won't push you too hard, but we also won't hold you back. Classroom sessions are conducted as a group but in open water students are coached individually according to their current level. It is possible for beginners to reach depths of 10-20m on this two day PADI Freediver Level 1 course. However, we put more emphasis on creating a good feeling during each dive, rather than going to your absolute limit. This actually helps you progress much better in the long run.
All courses have a maximum Student:Instructor ratio of 4:1.


What is happening in the body when we feel an urge to breath? We cover simple science to reveal how your physiology can adapt to freediving and take you beyond expectations. Understanding the internal processes (physical and psychological) that take place during a breath hold will give you confidence to gently push limits.



Freediving is based on relaxation. The more you can relax, the less oxygen you consume, the more time/depth is available. In the classroom sessions we teach simple breathing techniques that calm the body and mind, preparing you for the dives in open water.


Freediving aims at energetically efficient and effortless underwater movement. Unnecessary or overly energetic movement will burn more oxygen than is necessary, reducing your time/depth. Learn to move in a hydrodynamical and elegant style, like a sea creature.


Progress in a way that reduces risk. Learn to avoid, recognise and handle safety issues by using buddy systems. After discussing potential dangers and rescue techniques in the classroom, you will practice them in open water.


Underwater photos:

The instructor will take photos on the last open water session. These pictures will then be edited to enhance the contrast and colour for social media. Photos will be uploaded to facebook within five days (resolution 111 ppi). For examples of what to expect click this link:

Continuing the journey

After completing the PADI Freediver (level 1) course, you can enroll on the PADI Advanced Freediver (level 2) course and explore even more advanced techniques. These include freefall, lung stretching and exploring the Liberty shipwreck. For more information about the PADI Advanced Freediver (level 2) course, click here.


PADI Freediver (level 1): 

Course includes:

  • Underwater photos, colour-enhanced/edited for social media.
  • All gear and equipment.


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