Best Freediving in Bali | Gitgit

Best Freediving in Bali | Gitgit

Freediving in Bali | Gitgit 

Fathom Freedive, located in Jemeluk Bay, Amed, East Bali, is one of the top-notch freediving schools in the area, providing certified PADI and Pure Apnea courses. Our school seamlessly integrates an array of elements such as yoga, breathwork, and psychology into our comprehensive training programs. The prime location not only offers certified courses but also provides access to beautiful underwater landscapes, reefs, and walls overflowing with vibrant marine life. Our cutting-edge facilities have roomy, well-equipped air-conditioned and open-air classrooms, providing a relaxed and comfortable learning environment. The authentic and relaxed atmosphere of Amed, coupled with its picturesque landscapes, makes it an excellent spot for people seeking a unique and memorable freediving experience.

Fathom Freediving Services in Gitgit

Prospective freedivers are invited to discover their amphibious nature through an array of offerings, including spearfishing, freediving photoshoots, swimming with mantas, a surf survival course, Liberty Shipwreck trips, and freediving. Immerse yourself into a memorable adventure with Fathom Freedive, focusing on staying mindful and discovering yourself through enjoyable activities like exploring underwater and practicing breathwork. Our commitment to providing diverse experiences guarantees that people will be able to customize their journey to harmonize with their personal goals, promising a truly enlightening and memorable experience in the heart of Bali’s aquatic wonders. Whether you’re taking your first plunge into the world of freediving or looking for advanced training, our experts at Fathom Freedive are ready to assist.

Freediving Course Bali | Gitgit

Seated in ancient skills and activating the body’s ‘Mammalian dive response’, Fathom’s courses unlock natural aquatic abilities. You’ll receive personalized coaching tailored to your level, highlighting gently pushing you to your limits, with a top student and instructor ratio of 4 to 1. Learn about minutiae of your physiology, acquire relaxation techniques in our extensive classroom sessions, and develop effective underwater movement. Your safety is the most important thing, as we equip you to identify and handle potential dangers with the buddy system. Remember your gorgeous underwater moments with skillfully edited photos, enhancing contrast, light, and color, posted on our Facebook page in a few days. Then continue your adventure with the PADI Advanced Freediver (level 2) course, delving into advanced techniques and experiencing awe-inspiring adventures such as exploring the time-honored Liberty shipwreck. Come with us in this extraordinary journey where each dive unfolds new talents in your freediving experience, creating lasting memories and fostering a profound connection with the underwater world.

Spearfishing Class Bali | Gitgit

Our spearfishing course offers a thorough introduction to the sport, requiring students to be certified in a Level 1 freediving course beforehand. The program covers essential aspects such as equipment, safety protocols, and hunting basics in a classroom setting. Following lunch, we participate in practice exercises, including shoal water gun maneuvering and target practice. The course then goes to a boat expedition around the Rumpons, local FADs created by local fishermen to attract a variety of predatory fish. We use premium, handcrafted Andre spearguns, with choices like a 110cm wood gun for beginners and 125cm/135cm reef roller guns for those looking for more power. In spite of emphasizing the how difficult it is to shoot fish and the lack of guarantees, the program intends to enhance participants’ chances through a mixture of luck and skill, relying on the importance of freediving experience.

Wreck Diving | Gitgit

Discover wreck diving with our team on a coral-covered structure in Bali, famous for teeming with marine life. Our experienced instructors assist you through passages and caves at depths between 5 and 25 meters. Perfect for those with basic freediving skills, this site offers excellent snorkeling in good visibility. The buoy-free fun dive, without the use of a rope, is suitable for individuals capable of dives of short duration. Buoy support for breath-ups is provided upon request. If you’re a first-timer in freediving, think about the PADI freediver course with Fathom Freedive for comprehensive training.

Freediving Photo Shoots | Gitgit

Fathom Freedive offers expert underwater photoshoots at some of Bali’s most captivating freediving locations, including Jemeluk Bay in Amed, the Liberty shipwreck in Tulamben, and Lipah Bay in Amed. Our expert underwater photographers capture breathtaking moments, considering light angles and suggesting poses to create ideal photos for printing or online. Students are encouraged to share their own ideas, and specific photo preferences can be discussed prior to the shoot. To view our previous work, you can visit our Pro Photoshoots album.

Swim With Mantas | Gitgit

Snorkel with Manta Rays in Bali in one to six meters, and enjoy the playful antics of these gentle creatures. The travel plan includes a journey from Sanur Beach to the island of Nusa Lembongan, followed by another short boat ride along the wowing cliffs of Penida Island. Discover Manta Point with your guide/instructor from our expert team, followed by snorkeling at Crystal Bay and discovering an enchanting swimmable cave. The journey ends with a lunch on the beach at Nusa Lembongan before returning to the starting point in Sanur. A bonus add-on lets your guide from our team snap pictures of your Manta experience with an underwater camera. Note that while a reliable captain does improve the chances of spotting mantas, their activity isn’t guaranteed, typically occurring between April and October.

Surf Survival Course | Gitgit

Our one-day program is perfect for surfers seeking to enhance their breath holding when a wipeout happens in challenging wave conditions. Designed to build self-confidence, the completely pool-based course focuses on stress management and an improved awareness of the mind/body connection. Upon completion, surfers gain valuable skills to conserve oxygen and remain calm in the face of wipeouts. We are available to conduct the course at any location in Bali with a suitable pool.

Breathwork and Meditation | Gitgit

Our team offers a transformative meditation journey towards personal growth and happiness, highlighting the essential role of breath in connecting mind and body. We provide two breathwork techniques. Theta Breath technique, integrated into some freediving courses, quickly accesses altered states of consciousness and mental focus. Our Healing Breath method, a lengthier process, addresses trauma-induced breathing restrictions, fostering joy, immune system boost, and emotional release. This self-healing modality from Fathom Freedive aims to address disorders, liberate from habitual thinking patterns, and develop peace and power, possibly resulting in a deeper spiritual connection.


Bali Freediving FAQs

Is Bali good for freediving?

Freediving in Bali offers unlimited depth with clear visibility ranging from 20-30 meters. The water temperature is a comfortable 28-29°, providing perfect conditions for diving in currents, an amazing underwater world, and the opportunity to dive with manta rays exists. This is arguably one of the top places in Asia to learn freedive.

What is the Number 1 rule in freediving?

Whether you’re a recreational or competitive freediver, the number one safety rule is always to dive under the direct supervision of a buddy. Freediving carries a serious risk of blackout, as holding your breath leads to a decrease in your oxygen levels.

Why is Bali popular with divers?

The island of Bali is among the best places for manta rays and mola mola. While the manta rays are consistently spotted near Nusa Penida, mola mola are more elusive and are sought by Bali divers in certain seasons when the water is at lower temperature. Diving Alor is also an excellent location to spot mola mola.

What is the most difficult part of free diving?

Constant Weight without Fins (CNF) is the most challenging discipline in freediving. In CNF, divers only have their physical strength at their disposal. They must go down and come up a line to a predetermined depth, without the aid of freediving fins or other propulsion devices.



About Gitgit

Gitgit, a magical spot in Bali, Indonesia, is like a hidden gem waiting to captivate explorers of all ages! Imagine meandering through lush green landscapes, where families can embark on a journey to discover enchanting waterfalls surrounded by tropical vegetation. Gitgit Waterfall, the star of the show, cascades from a height, creating a refreshing natural pool at its base—a bit like a secret swimming spot in the heart of the jungle. Families can enjoy the cool mist, take a dip in the clear waters, or explore nearby trails offering stunning views of the surrounding scenery. With its natural beauty and a touch of adventure, Gitgit invites visitors to embrace the wonders of Bali’s lush interior. So, if you’re in Bali and yearning for a waterfall adventure, Gitgit is like an open invitation for explorers of every age to experience the magic and freshness of this hidden paradise.

Elevation: 700 meters

Area: 90 square miles

Neighborhoods In Gitgit

  • Gitgit Waterfall Area: The central area around Gitgit Waterfall, one of Bali’s popular tourist attractions.
  • Campuan: A term often used to refer to confluences of rivers or water sources, and it could be a descriptive reference in the Gitgit context.
  • Lukluk: A village located near Gitgit, known for its traditional Balinese way of life.
  • Asah Gobleg: A village that is part of the Sukasada District, where Gitgit is located.


Zipcodes In Gitgit

  • 81161


Things To Do In Gitgit

  • Gitgit Waterfall: Begin your exploration with Gitgit Waterfall, a majestic cascade surrounded by tropical vegetation. The waterfall is easily accessible, and a short trek leads to its breathtaking beauty.
  • Aling-Aling Waterfall: Visit Aling-Aling Waterfall, known for its multiple tiers and the opportunity for cliff jumping. Enjoy the serene surroundings and take a dip in the refreshing natural pool.
  • Sekumpul Waterfalls: Explore Sekumpul Waterfalls, a group of majestic waterfalls nestled in the jungle. The trek to Sekumpul offers stunning views of the cascading falls and lush greenery.
  • Banyumala Twin Waterfalls: Discover Banyumala Twin Waterfalls, a hidden gem with two parallel falls surrounded by a serene jungle setting. It’s a peaceful spot for nature lovers.
  • Pura Maduwe Karang: Visit Pura Maduwe Karang, a Hindu temple known for its unique architecture and stone carvings. The temple is dedicated to the god Vishnu and features intricate sculptures.
  • Gitgit Twin Waterfall: Witness the Gitgit Twin Waterfall, another beautiful cascade surrounded by lush vegetation. Enjoy the serene atmosphere and the natural beauty of this lesser-known waterfall.
  • Bali Pulina Agro Tourism: Experience Bali Pulina Agro Tourism, where you can learn about the coffee-making process, sample various coffee blends, and enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.
  • Munduk Village: Explore Munduk Village, a charming highland village with cool temperatures and scenic landscapes. Enjoy trekking through the picturesque rice terraces and lush plantations.
  • Sambangan Secret Garden: Discover Sambangan Secret Garden, a hidden paradise with lush greenery, waterfalls, and natural pools. The area is perfect for trekking and immersing yourself in nature.
  • Buleleng Hot Springs: Relax in the Buleleng Hot Springs, natural hot springs surrounded by beautiful gardens. Take a soothing dip in the warm mineral-rich waters.


Fathom Freedive

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Spearfishing Lesson Bali

For those eager to master spearfishing in Bali, Fathom Freedive offers expert-led Spearfishing Lessons, providing a unique opportunity to learn essential skills and experience the underwater wonders of Bali’s marine life.

Bali Freediving Photos

For those wanting amazing Bali freediving photos, Fathom Freedive captures the beauty and excitement of underwater exploration, delivering stunning imagery that showcases the thrilling freediving experience in Bali.