Best Freediving in Bali | Pabeansanur

Best Freediving in Bali | Pabeansanur

Bali Freediving | Pabeansanur 

Fathom Freedive, situated in Jemeluk Bay, Amed, East Bali, is among the highest-rated freediving schools in the area, providing certified PADI and Pure Apnea courses. Our school integrates an array of elements such as yoga, breathwork, and psychology into our training programs. The excellent location not only offers certified courses but also provides beautiful coral gardens, reefs, and walls overflowing with colorful marine life. Our cutting-edge facilities encompass spacious, well-equipped air-conditioned and open-air classrooms, for a serene and comfortable learning environment. The traditional and relaxed atmosphere of Amed, coupled with its picturesque landscapes, makes it an excellent destination for those looking for a unique and memorable freediving experience.

Fathom Freediving Services in Pabeansanur

Those interested in freediving are invited to unlock their amphibious potential through a variety of services, including swimming with mantas, freediving, spearfishing, Liberty Shipwreck trips, freediving photoshoots, and a surf survival course. Immerse yourself into a special adventure with our team, focusing on discovering yourself and staying mindful with enjoyable activities like swimming deep underwater and practicing breathwork techniques. Our mission of providing a variety of experiences guarantees that students are able to tailor their freediving journey to line up with their individual interests and goals, promising a genuinely enriching and memorable experience in Bali’s aquatic wonders. Whether you’re beginning your journey into freediving or looking for advanced techniques, our experts at Fathom Freedive are ready to assist.

Bali Freediving Course | Pabeansanur

Rooted in time-honored skills and activating the human body’s ‘Mammalian dive response’, Fathom’s courses unlock natural aquatic abilities. You will receive customized courses tailored to your level, focusing on positive dives over absolute limits, with a top student and instructor ratio of four to one. Explore parts of physiology, master relaxation techniques in our extensive classes, and achieve effective underwater movement. Your safety is a priority, as we equip you to recognize and manage potential risks with the buddy system. Preserve your underwater moments with skillfully edited photos, improving color, light, and contrast, shared on our Facebook page in a few days. Afterwards continue your adventure with the PADI Advanced Freediver (level 2) course, learning advanced techniques and experiencing eye-popping adventures such as exploring the time-honored Liberty shipwreck. Come with us in this extraordinary journey where every dive reveals new wonders in your freediving experience, creating lasting memories and a deep and profound connection with the underwater world.

Spearfishing Class Bali | Pabeansanur

This spearfishing program provides a comprehensive introduction to the sport, requiring students to complete a Level 1 freediving course beforehand. The program covers essential skills such as hunting basics, equipment, and safety protocols in a classroom setup. Following lunch, we engage in practical exercises, including low-depth target practice and gun maneuvering. The course then extends to a boat expedition around the Rumpons, Balinese Fish Aggregation Devices (FADs) made by local fishermen to attract a variety of predatory fish. We use top-notch, handcrafted Andre spearguns, including options like a 110cm wooden gun for beginners and 125cm/135cm reef roller guns for those desiring more power. Regardless of emphasizing the difficulty of shooting fish and the lack of guarantees, the program strives to enhance participants’ chances through a mixture of luck and skill, emphasizing the importance of prior freediving experience.

Wreck Diving | Pabeansanur

Discover shipwreck diving with Fathom Freedive on a coral-covered sunken ship in Bali, known for teeming with marine life. Our expert instructors will assist you into passages and caves at depths ranging from 5 to 25 meters. Perfect for those with basic freediving skills, this shipwreck offers superb snorkeling in good visibility. The buoy-free fun dive, without a rope, is suitable for people who are capable of short-duration dives. Buoy support for breath-ups is available upon request. If you’re a first-timer in freediving, consider the PADI freediver course with Fathom Freedive for complete training.

Freediving Photo Shoots | Pabeansanur

Our team offers expert underwater photoshoots at some of Bali’s most stunning freediving locations, including Jemeluk Bay in Amed, the Liberty shipwreck in Tulamben, and Lipah Bay. Our skilled photographers capture amazing moments, considering optimal illumination and recommending poses to create ideal photos for printing or online. Students are welcomed to share their own ideas, and photo preferences can be discussed prior to the shoot. To check photos of our previous work, visit our Pro Photoshoots album.

Swim With Mantas | Pabeansanur

Swim with Manta Rays in Bali at depths of one to six meters, enjoying the playfulness of these gentle creatures. The travel plan includes a journey from the shores of Sanur to Lembongan Island, followed by a smaller boat ride along the stunning cliffs of Penida Island. Encounter Manta Point with your instructor/guide from Fathom Freedive, followed by snorkeling at Crystal Bay and exploring an enchanting swimmable cave. The journey ends with a lunch on the beach at Lembongan Island before returning to the starting point in Sanur. A bonus add-on lets your instructor from Fathom Freedive capture your Manta encounter with an underwater camera. Note that while an expert captain raises chances of finding mantas, their appearance isn’t a guarantee, typically occurring between April and October.

Surf Survival Course | Pabeansanur

Our one-day program is ideal for surfers seeking to improve their ability to hold their breath when wipeouts occur in challenging wave conditions. Designed to boost confidence, the completely pool-based course focuses on managing stress and an improved awareness of the body/mind connection. Upon completion, surfers gain crucial skills to conserve oxygen and remain calm in the face of wipeouts. Instructors are prepared to lead the course at any location in Bali with a suitable pool.

Breathwork and Meditation | Pabeansanur

Fathom Freedive offers a life-changing meditation journey towards personal empowerment and happiness, emphasizing the vital role of breath in connecting mind and body. We provide two breathwork techniques. Theta Breath technique, integrated into some of our freediving courses, rapidly accesses altered states of consciousness and mental focus. Healing Breath, a longer process, addresses trauma-induced breathing restrictions, fostering emotional release, immune system boost, and joy. This self-healing modality from Fathom Freedive aims to eliminate disorders, liberate from old thinking patterns, and nurture power and peace, potentially leading to a better spiritual connection.


Bali Freediving FAQs

Is Bali good for freediving?

Freediving in Bali offers boundless depths with visibility ranging from 20-30 meters. The water temperature is a comfortable 28-29°, providing perfect conditions for drift diving, an amazing underwater world, and the opportunity to dive with manta rays exists. This is undoubtedly one of the finest places in Asia where you can learn to freedive.

What is the Number 1 rule in freediving?

Whether you’re a recreational or competitive freediver, the primary safety rule is always to dive under the close supervision of a buddy. Freediving carries a serious risk of blackout, as holding your breath causes a decrease in your oxygen levels.

Why is Bali popular with divers?

The island of Bali is one of the world’s top destinations for manta rays and mola mola. While the mantas are consistently spotted near Nusa Penida, mola mola are more elusive and are sought by Bali divers during specific months when the water is at lower temperature. Diving Alor is also an excellent location to spot mola mola.

What is the most difficult part of free diving?

Constant Weight without Fins (CNF) is the most challenging discipline in freediving. In CNF, divers only have their muscle power at their disposal. They must go down and come up a line to a specific depth, without the aid of freediving fins or any other propulsion devices.



About Pabeansanur

Pabeansanur, a charming village nestled in Bali, Indonesia, is like a peaceful haven inviting explorers of all ages to experience the island’s tranquility. Imagine walking through lush green landscapes adorned with swaying palm trees, providing a serene backdrop that’s like a real-life paradise. Pabeansanur is a bit like a cozy neighborhood where families can unwind on the sandy beaches, try traditional Balinese dishes at local warungs, and maybe even join a traditional dance performance under the starry night sky. The village’s warmth and simplicity create a sense of harmony, offering a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. So, if you’re in Bali and seeking a laid-back retreat surrounded by nature’s embrace, Pabeansanur is like an open invitation for explorers of every age to relax, rejuvenate, and appreciate the beauty of Bali’s quieter side.

Elevation: 30 meters

Area: 55 square miles

Neighborhoods In Pabeansanur

  • Sanur Beach: The central area along the coastline known for its sandy shores, beachfront hotels, and various dining options.
  • Jalan Danau Tamblingan: A main road running parallel to the beach, lined with shops, restaurants, and accommodations.
  • Mertasari Beach: A quieter beach area located to the south of Sanur Beach, offering a more serene atmosphere.
  • Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai: A major road running through Sanur, connecting it to other parts of Bali.
  • Padanggalak: A coastal area known for its beach and beachfront activities.


Zipcodes In Pabeansanur

  • 80228


Things To Do In Pabeansanur

  • Sanur Beach: Relax on Sanur Beach, a long stretch of golden sand with calm waters. Enjoy a leisurely walk along the beach promenade and take in the sunrise or sunset views.
  • Le Mayeur Museum: Explore the Le Mayeur Museum, dedicated to the Belgian painter Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur and his Balinese wife. The museum showcases Le Mayeur’s artwork and the couple’s life in Sanur.
  • Sindhu Market: Wander through Sindhu Market, a traditional market in Sanur known for its vibrant atmosphere and a variety of stalls selling local crafts, textiles, and fresh produce.
  • Bali Seawalker: Experience Bali Seawalker, a unique underwater activity that allows you to walk on the ocean floor and observe marine life while wearing a specialized helmet.
  • Pantai Matahari Terbit (Sunrise Beach): Visit Pantai Matahari Terbit, also known as Sunrise Beach, to witness the spectacular sunrise over the eastern horizon. The calm waters and fishing boats create a picturesque scene.
  • Serangan Island: Take a short boat ride to Serangan Island, known for its turtle conservation and water sports. Explore the Turtle Conservation and Education Center and enjoy water activities like surfing.
  • Mertasari Beach: Relax at Mertasari Beach, a quieter beach option in Sanur. The beach is lined with traditional fishing boats, and you can enjoy water sports or simply unwind on the sand.
  • Bali Sharks Conservation: Learn about shark conservation efforts at Bali Sharks Conservation. The organization focuses on protecting sharks and releasing them into their natural habitats.
  • Bajra Sandhi Monument: Visit the Bajra Sandhi Monument in nearby Renon, Denpasar. The monument commemorates Balinese struggles for independence and offers panoramic views from the top.
  • Taman Festival Bali: Explore the abandoned Taman Festival Bali, an eerie amusement park that was never completed. The site has become a unique spot for urban exploration and photography.


Fathom Freedive

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Amed Freediving

For those wanting an amazing freediving experience in Amed, Fathom Freedive provides expert guidance and tailored courses, helping individuals explore the vibrant underwater landscapes of Amed with confidence and skill.

Spearfishing Lesson Bali

For those eager to master spearfishing in Bali, Fathom Freedive offers expert-led Spearfishing Lessons, providing a unique opportunity to learn essential skills and experience the underwater wonders of Bali’s marine life.