PADI Advanced Freediver (Level 2)

(3 Days)

This course builds on the basics taught in level 1.

Learn advance techniques that make your dives more relaxed, deeper and longer.

Become a solid reliable safety diver capable of planning and managing your own training routines.

Incorporate dry training exercises to increase lung capacity.

Freediving course in Amed Bali


A key aspect to this advanced level 2 course is giving you sufficient knowledge and skills to safely take responsibility for your own development, enabling you to train independently with a buddy and no instructor.

Deeper relaxation

Depending on your level of co-ordination and body awareness, level 1 can sometimes feel similar to learning how to drive. There are several things/body parts to think about simultaneously and it can occupy your mental capacity. But just like learning to drive, once these tasks become automatic and live in our muscle memory, we find less mental capacity is consumed by these actions. This is the stage of development when we can begin to focus on deeper states of relaxation and more refined aspects of technique. We can become more aware of where we might be holding tension and the subtle sensations we feel.

Freediving course in Amed Bali

How deep?

We won’t push you too hard, but we also won’t hold you back. Classroom sessions are conducted as a group but in open water students are coached individually according to their ability. It is normal to reach depths of 20-30m on this three day course. However, we put more emphasis on creating a good feeling during each dive, rather than going to your absolute limit. This actually helps you progress much better in the long run. All courses have a maximum Student:Instructor ratio of 4:1. However, it’s quite rare to have more than 2 people on a level 2 course.

Energy efficiency and moving

There is usually still some fine tuning to do after your initial level 1 course. We keep working on the finer details of technique, starting to pay more attention to how much energy should be used and when. Freediving aims at oxygen-efficient and effortless underwater movement. Unnecessary or overly energetic movement at the wrong point in the dive will burn more oxygen than is required for the dive, reducing your time/depth. Perfect the art of moving in an elegant, hydrodynamical way, like a sea creature.

Good freediving bi-fin technique in Bali.


Probably the most popular new technique introduced on a level 2 course, students often fall in love with this part of the dive. Mastering this beautiful process is a key part of saving energy/oxygen. This is the stage of negative buoyancy when you stop swimming and allow gravity to pull your body down through the ocean, sinking in a deeply relaxed, mental abstraction. The sensation of flying, as you feel water rushing past your body. There really is nothing quite like it.

Lung stretching

Over time these dry exercises will increase your lungs ‘vital capacity’ and improve diaphragm flexibility. This allows you to inhale more air, equalize deeper and ultimately be more comfortable at depth. You will be able to perform these exercises independently to further progress your physical conditioning after the course.

Freediving course in Amed Bali

Yogic breathwork/meditation

This unique practice is not necessarily related to freediving and therefore you won’t find this particular routine at any other school or course. However, we approach freediving in a holistic way and consider such breathwork modalities to be part of creating happiness and health in all aspects of life. The breathwork positively impacts the physical, mental, spiritual, creative, sexual, energetic and emotional aspects of life. Everything is connected. Cultivating a calm state of mind with reduced anxiety supports an enjoyable freediving practice. This routine is a powerful tool for life.


Having already learnt the basics of how to freedive safely and perform underwater rescues on the level 1 course, students now begin to take full responsibility for their fellow freedivers safety. We aim to create highly responsive, capable individuals with an increased awareness of dangers and how to handle them. By the end of the course you will be able to train independently, acting as a solid and reliable safety diver. We expand upon the risk of pressure related injury and how to avoid it. You will also take an active role in coaching your buddy through static breath holds in a confined water session.

Freediver descends into the Liberty shipwreck in Bali Indonesia.

Triggering the mammalian dive response

After fully understanding the mechanisms involved with ‘the mammalian dive response’ (which you were introduced to on level 1), we now implement strategies to activate it. This includes facial contact and free immersion warm up routines.

Guided freediving exploration of Liberty Shipwreck

After completing the course requirements we have some serious fun exploring the sunken structures of the USAT Liberty, a famous WW2 shipwreck. Your instructor will take you on a guided tour through the colorful corals, crevices and caves that schools of fish now call home. This is the perfect opportunity for getting photos of yourself amongst the epic underwater scenery. For examples, see Instagram.

Freediving course in Amed Bali


You can include high quality photos of your freediving experience. The images are fully edited and color enhanced like the ones on our Instagram account.

Continuing the journey

After completing the PADI Advanced Freediver (level 2) course, you can enroll on the PADI Master Freediver (level 3) course and explore the most advanced techniques available. These include lung packing, exhale diving and mouth fill technique. For more information about the PADI Master Freediver (level 3) course, click here.

PADI Advanced Freediver (level 2): 

Price includes:

  • ‘Nasi campur’ lunch (vegan,  vegetarian and meat options).
  • Unlimited water refills.
  • Full equipment rental.
  • Liberty Shipwreck trip.
  • Color corrected photo album (for examples click here).

PEASE NOTE: Discount is only applied when requested during booking process.

Booking conditions:

  • Deposit of IDR 700,000 is required to reserve a booking.
  • Deposits made for specific course dates are not refundable.
  • You may change the date up to and no less than 48 hours before the booking.
  • Cancelation less than 48 hours before the booking date automatically forfeits the deposit.
  • Cancellations must be rescheduled within 6 months, otherwise the payment is automatically forfeit.