PADI Freediving Instructor

USD $750 (8 Days)

The PADI Freediving Instructor Course is an intensive 8 day experience that tests your ability as a freediver and encourages mastery of techniques. Presentations, role play teaching workshops and physical trials will prepare you for the world of freediving instruction.

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On the PADI freediving instructor course you will:

– Practice teaching different parts of the PADI level 1and level 2 courses.
– Do open water and pool training to complete requirments.
– Prepare and present several presentations on Freediving topics.
– Learn how to market yourself as a freediving instructor.
– Become an Emergency First Response instructor.
– Learn about common mistakes and problems encountered with beginner students.
– Learn how to use the PADI website to process and certify students.
– 40m CWT
– 4 minute STA
– 80m DYN
– 50m DNF
– Rescue from 25m.
– One fin/mask removal at 25m.
– 5x dives to 20m with 1 minute rests.
– Completion of presentations.
– Roll play teaching.
– Pass Instructor exam.
– Become Emergency First Response Instructor.