PADI Freediving Instructor

(8 Days)

The PADI Freediving Instructor Course is an intensive 8 day experience that tests your ability as a freediver and encourages mastery of techniques. Presentations, role play teaching workshops and physical trials will prepare you for the world of freediving instruction.

Freediving instructor course in Amed Bali
The course director and instructor trainer is Sam Henry. (click here for more info about Sam)
Sam Says:
“I love facilitating the instructor courses, it’s always a great group of individuals. We have fun, challenge each other and and make real friends in the process. I try to run through as many role-play scenarios as possible, with plenty of opportunities to practice teaching in water. This is in contrast to some instructor courses where they seem to jump the candidates through hoops and tick off requirements one by one.  I really want the candidates to start teaching from the start. I think this is important. It’s great to see people find their own leadership and speaking skills.”
On the course you will: 
  • Practice teaching different parts of the PADI level 1 and level 2 courses in group role play scenarios. 
  • Do open water and pool training to complete requirements.
  • Prepare and present several presentations on Freediving topics.
  • Learn how to market yourself as a freediving instructor.
  • Become an Emergency First Response instructor.
  • Learn about common mistakes and problems encountered with beginner students.
  • Learn how to use video analysis to improve student technique.
  • Learn how to use the PADI website to process and certify students.
  • Learn about support available to PADI instructors.
  • Complete Emergency First Response instructor course.
Freediving course in Amed Bali Indonesia
  • 40m CWT
  • 4 minute STA
  • 80m DYN
  • 50m DNF
  • Rescue from 25m.
  • One fin/mask removal at 25m.
  • 5x dives to 20m with 1 minute rests.
  • Completion of presentations.
  • Roll play teaching.
  • Pass Instructor exam.
  • Become Emergency First Response Instructor.
Additional optional costs (paid directly to PADI after successful completion of course):
  • Annual EFR instructor registration: US $150
  • Annual PADI Freediving instructor registration: US $140
After the course:
You are welcome to stay and assist on courses at Fathom Freedive. Assisting is the single best way to prepare for teaching your own courses. The more situations and scenarios you encounter, the more your knowledge and experience grows as an instructor.