PADI Master Freediver (Level 3)

4 Days

This course gives you the opportunity to practice highly advanced techniques used by professional freedivers to reach greater depths.

As you approach instructor level, a full comprehension of theory topics is encouraged and basic technique is refined to the point of mastery.

New techniques such as ‘mouth-fill equalisation’ and exhale diving are introduced and practiced (although not necessarily mastered).

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This is your time to fill any knowledge gaps and become fully comprehensive in areas. This course is also quite flexible in what we focus on, so let us know what your goals are. maybe you want to focus on a particular discipline or piece of advanced equipment. At this level you are capable of acting as an assistant instructor and taking more of an active role in leading and being responsible for other freedivers.
Below are some examples of topics covered on the level 3 course…

Mouth-fill equalisation

Eric Fattah first described his infamous “Frenzel-Fattah mouthfill equalisation technique” in 2000. Since then it has allowed many who master it to dive deeper. We will discuss the theory and techniques involved, try some dry exercises then head out to the ocean to try it out. Be warned, this technique take time to master and the level 3 course is simply an introduction.

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Exhale diving (FRC)

FRC (Functional Residual Capacity) dives are performed to relatively shallow depths with less than full lungs. They aim is to simulate the pressure and subsequent equalisation challenges encountered on a deep dive. The fact that they simulate the physical limitations and sensations of depth, without the associated fatigue, makes them an ideal way to start practicing mouth-fill equalisation. We can do numerous shallow FRC dives during a session, however we become quickly tired with far fewer deep dives. Another major reason to practice FRC diving is that the pressure experienced naturally increases our internal thoracic and diaphragmatic flexibility. This is vital when it comes to diving deep in a way that avoids injury. Exhale diving can be dangerous and should only be attempted after formal training.

No fins freediving on Liberty shipwreck Bali

Lung packing

The technique used to pack more air into our lungs even after a full inhalation. We practice this in the context of lung stretching (introduced on level 2) in order to further increase vital lung capacity. We also discuss the benefits of reverse packing after a full exhalation for further decreasing residual volume. Lung packing can be dangerous and should only be attempted after formal training.

No-fins technique

No-fins freediving is probably the most technically difficult and most enjoyable of all disciplines. Imagine being able enjoy the same underwater seascapes without needing to carry fins. The rhythm of no-fins is very unique and the style requires more time to perfect. There is less room for technical error with extra focus on minimizing energy wastage and perfecting body alignment. After isolating the component arm/leg strokes of the technique and practicing them individually, we sequence them together. Training begins in the pool (DNF/Dynamic No Fins) before we take this intricate discipline to the ocean (CNF/Constant weight No Fins).

Freediving course in Amed Bali

Advanced equipment

Your instructor isn’t going to set up the buoy and daisy chain the ropes for you anymore, you will do this from now on. We also try some FIM and perhaps CNF dives using a nose clip. CNF dives are quite difficult to do efficiently without using a nose clip (although it can be done). Some people love nose-clips, some people don’t… Give it a go!

Diet and nutrition

Freediving heightens our relationship with body and mind. As we tune in more deeply to how we and think and feel, we may notice how eating different foods can effect us in different ways. As with all sports, the effect of unhealthy habits tend to become more apparent when we reach the peak of our ability. Striving for optimum physical performance undoubtably involves considering diet and lifestyle. This part of the course takes a comprehensive look at nutrition, supplementation and biohacking for general well being, increased energy levels and peak performance both in and out of water. The bulk of this lecture results from years of study and personal experimentation. You won’t get this info delivered on any other level 3 freedving course.

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Training cycles and fitness

There is a tried and tested long-term strategy to preparing for deep freediving. This training process is used by world record holders and athletes across the globe. How long can you keep diving deep before your performance begins to drop? How much and what kind of foundational training should you to in preparation for deep dives?

C02 Tables

A sequence of breath holds in which the rest time between breath holds is reduced each time. These can be either static (still) or dynamic (moving). These tables are a very effective way to increase CO2 tolerance and strengthen our ‘mammalian dive response’. This will in turn reduce the anxiety we attach to contractions and make our freediving feel increasingly comfortable.

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Power point presentation

Might sound daunting but actually a lot of fun and great way to deepen your knowledge. Give a short talk in front of the group on a freediving topic of your choice.

Yogic breathwork/meditation

This unique practice is not necessarily related to freediving and therefore you won’t find this particular routine at any other school or course. However, we approach freediving in a holistic way and consider such breathwork modalities to be part of creating happiness and health in all aspects of life. The breathwork positively impacts the physical, mental, spiritual, creative, sexual, energetic and emotional aspects of life. Everything is connected. Cultivating a calm state of mind with reduced anxiety supports an enjoyable freediving practice. This routine is a powerful tool for life.

Freediving course in Amed Bali

How deep?

We won’t push you too hard, but we also won’t hold you back. Classroom sessions are conducted as a group but in open water students are coached individually according to their ability. It is normal to reach depths of 30-40m on this four day course. However, we put more emphasis on practicing new techniques and creating a good feeling during each dive, rather than going to your absolute depth limit. This actually helps you progress much better in the long run.

All courses have a maximum Student:Instructor ratio of 4:1. However, it’s quite rare to have more than 2 people on a level 3 course.

Freediver surfaces on shipwreck in bali.

Guided freediving exploration of Liberty Shipwreck

After completing the course requirements we have some serious fun exploring the sunken structures of the USAT Liberty, a famous WW2 shipwreck. Your instructor will take you on a guided tour through the colorful corals, crevices and caves that schools of fish now call home. This is the perfect opportunity for getting photos of yourself amongst the epic underwater scenery. For examples, see Instagram.

If you have already done this trip on the level 2 course then feel free to swap it for an extra line training session

Spearfishing Bali, spearfishing bali, bali spearfishing, traditional hunting, tropical fish, what is spearfishing, amed spearfishing


You can include high quality photos of your freediving experience. The images are fully edited and color enhanced like the ones on our Instagram account.

Continuing the journey

After completing the PADI Master Freediver (level 3) course, you can enroll on the PADI Freediving Instructor course and learn how to teach what you love. This course includes more power point presentations, public speaking, student/instructor role play workshops and deeper diving. For more information about the PADI Freediving Instructor course, click here.

PADI Master Freediver (level 3): 

Price includes:

  • ‘Nasi Campur’ lunch (vegan, vegetarian and meat options).
  • Unlimited water refills.
  • Full equipment rental.
  • Color corrected photo album, for examples click here.

PEASE NOTE: Discount is only applied when requested during booking process.

Booking conditions:

  • Deposit of IDR 700,000 is required to reserve a booking.
  • Deposits made for specific course dates are not refundable.
  • You may change the date up to and no less than 48 hours before the booking.
  • Cancelation less than 48 hours before the booking date automatically forfeits the deposit.
  • Cancellations must be rescheduled within 6 months, otherwise the payment is automatically forfeit.