PADI Master Freediver (Level 3)

Master the most Advanced techniques.

Four days (30-40m) $400

The PADI freediving master course focuses on the most advanced equalisation techniques used when training for serious depth. Discuss how to eat right, incorporate dry workouts and plan your own training cycles. Continue to examine the link between mind and body during deep dives. Learn how to avoid pressure related injuries and safely increase lung/diaphragm flexibility through exhale diving and stretching with packs.

The PADI Freediving Master Course syllabus revises and completes all theory. Most people can dive between 30-40m after completing this freediving course.

Topics covered include: Exhale diving (FRC), Frenzel-Fattah mouth-fill equalisation, packing (advantages and precautions), lung stretching with ‘packing’, reverse packing, no fins technique, using nose clip, fluid goggles, setting up the buoy, rope rigging, deep rope rescue protocol, static apnea coaching, psychology of deep diving, mental techniques, nitrogen narcosis, nutrition, fitness and cross training. There is continuous focus on saving oxygen through efficient technique and appropriate energy output.

We also include a Transformational Breath® workshop on the Master Freediver course. This is something very unique that no other freediving schools offer anywhere on the planet (as far as we know). Benefits of this include reduction in overall stress, deeper relaxation, increased energy levels, detoxification, improved breathing mechanics and increased cardiovascular efficiency. Read more about Transformational Breath® here.

Bali freediving courses happen in Amed at our freediving school. The tropical coral reefs here are teeming with marine life, making them a great place to learn. After completing the course your instructor will take you on a guided tour of the USAT Liberty, a famous WW2 shipwreck. Here you can explore the sunken structures while your instructor captures photos of you. Click here to see examples.

Day 1

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Day 2

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US$ 400

Price Includes:

  • Meals and fresh fruit drinks (vegan and vegetarian options available).
  • Course materials.
  • Full equipment rental.
  • A high quality, colour corrected JPEG photo album of your Bali freediving course.
  • Data pack, including a wide range of freediving videos, books and documents.
  • Insurance for Bali freediving courses.
  • Guided adventure dive and photo shoot on USAT Liberty WW2 Shipwreck.
  • Optional Transformational breathing workshop.

Extra costs:

  • Airport transfer from Denpasar to Amed: $30
  • PADI certification: £30

Discounts Available:

  • 2 people group: 10%
  • 3 people group: 15%
  • 2 courses booked together: 10%
  • 3 courses booked together: 15%
  • Indonesian ID holders: 15%
  • Previous students returning: 10%
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