Coaching Sessions

USD $40 (per session)

Freediving training/coaching sessions are for students who have some freediving experience and want to practice practical skills in water. Perhaps you want more teaching time before moving onto the next level course… If are already an experienced freediver, these session will refine your diving.

With easy access to 50m depth just a short swim from the shore, Jemeluk bay is a great freediving training location. If you want more depth, we can take a short boat ride out to deeper water.

Before heading out to sea we discuss your experience and goals. This allows us to personalise the freediving training. This gives you the most benefit at your current level.

Feedback and guidance is continuously provided. After the session you will be debriefed with a summary of which areas you need to focus on to improve further. This can include aspects of freediving, yoga and dry exercises.

If you have not already completed a freediving course we highly recommend you do so. For more information about the PADI freediver course, click here.



1 person for 1 session: $40
1 person for 5 sessions: $160
2 people for 1 session: $65
2 people for 5 sessions: $260

Sessions are between 90 – 120 minutes of open water time.