Spearfishing Course (1 day)

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Course Overview:

To join a spearfishing beginner course, you must have already completed a Level 1 freediving course. After going over the equipment, safety and other hunting basics in the classroom, we have lunch. After lunch we do some shallow water target practice and manoeuvring with the gun in water. We then head out on a boat to look for fish around the Rumpons. Any fish you shoot can be given to a local restaurant, prepared as you wish and eaten that evening.


‘Rumpon’ is the Balinese word for ‘Fish Aggregation Device’ (FAD). These bamboo structures are built by local fisherman and anchored offshore. Small fish hide in their lattice structure, attracting the larger predatory fish that we are hunting (Rainbow-runner, Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo etc).

The Guns:

Andre spearguns are very high quality and hand made in Bali.  We have a 110cm wooden Andre gun for beginners, 125cm / 135cm reef roller guns for those who want to try something more powerful.

Shooting fish is difficult:

It takes time to learn. It’s important that you keep this in mind. This course is only a brief introduction. We can not guarantee that you will shoot a fish. Success is a combination of luck and skill. You have more chance of shooting a fish if you can dive comfortably and remain at depth for short periods of time. Being able to operate the gun, reload and shoot on target will further increases your chances. This is why we only run the spearfishing course for people who have already done the level 1 freediving course.

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