Spearfishing Boat Trip

(3 hours on boat). 1 person: USD $100, 2 persons USD $150.

Explore a remote stretch of the Amed Bali coast. An instructor will guide and assist you at some of our best spearfishing locations.

Ocean hunting

If you just completed the freediving and spearfishing course, this boat trip is a great way to test your new skills. Likewise, if you are already an experienced spearo, the charter gives you access to the best hunting areas we know.

Our friendly local skipper usually knows where the fish are. It is possible for talented beginners to shoot fish in water as shallow 10/15m. For more the advanced hunters, Dogtooth tuna and other large pelagic species can be found along this stretch of coast at depths between 20/30m (usually where the current is faster).

Experienced instructor guide:

Along with our skipper driving the boat, a qualified freediving instructor will be there to assist you in the water. This instructor will have plenty of spearfishing experience at the specific locations you visit. He/she will support you in whatever mode you require.

There is maximum of 4 people on the boat: 1 skipper, 1 instructor and 2 customers. Water will be provided on the boat.


Eat a decent meal one hour before meeting at the school (meeting time is flexible). We don wetsuits at the school, load the required gear onto automatic bikes and take a pleasant drive along the coast. We arrive at the boat launch, load up the boat, head out and spend three hours exploring different locations. Any fish you catch can be grilled the same evening at one of our favorite local restaurants.

Spearfishing Boat Trip (3 hours): 1 person: USD $100, 2 persons USD $150.

Equipment rental costs:

  • Gear rental (inc. wetsuit, weight belt, mask, snorkel, fins, gloves, knife): $20 for all.
  • Individual pieces of gear from the above list: $5 each.
  • Rob Allen 1.2 Tuna rail gun with float and line: $20.
  • Small Beuchat gun with float and line (for beginners): $15.

Booking conditions:

  • Deposits made for specific course dates are non-refundable.
  • You may change the date up to 48 hours before the booking.
  • Under special circumstances deposits may be transferable.