Singaraja Spearfishing Charter

For beginners and experienced spearo’s:

If you already have some spearfishing experience, or you just completed our Spearfishing course, this Singaraja Spearfishing charter is the absolute best fishing we know in Bali.

Experienced guide:

Along with a local boat skipper, our qualified freediving and spearfishing instructor/guide will be there to assist you in the water. He has a tone of spearfishing knowledge and experience hunting around Bali. If anyone can get you onto the fish, it’s this guy.

Singaraja Rumpons (FADS):

‘Rumpon’ is the Balinese word for ‘Fish Aggregation Device’ (FAD). These bamboo structures are built by local fisherman and anchored offshore. Small fish hide in their lattice structure, attracting the larger predatory fish that we are hunting (Mahi-Mahi, Wahoo etc).

Why Singaraja:

Amed only has about 20 close FADS (1.5-2km out). You can see them by standing on the beach. This isn’t far enough to hold lots of fish. The Amed FADS are also fished every day by the local fisherman. Singaraja is more reliable and is home to more fish. There are 200+ FADS spread from 5km to 60km out. The farthest of them (55-60km out) are famous for holding Marlin. In Singaraja, we guarantee that you will see fish… Shooting them is up to you.

The Guns:

Andre spearguns are very high quality and hand made in Bali. We have a 110cm wooden Andre gun for beginners, 125cm / 135cm reef roller guns for those who want to try something more powerful.

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