Spearfishing and Freediving Course

(3 Days)

Spearfishing is a combination of freediving skills, gun skills, knowledge of fish behavior and ocean wisdom. We take the primordial challenge and focus involved in hunting, into the underwater realm.

3 Days… 

Price includes:

  • ‘Nasi campur’ lunch (Vegan, Vegetarian and meat options).
  • Unlimited water refills.
  • Full equipment rental.
  • Color corrected photo album, for examples click here.

PEASE NOTE: Discount is only applied when requested during booking process.

Booking conditions:

  • Deposits made for specific course dates are non-refundable.
  • You may change the date up to 48 hours before the booking.
  • Under special circumstances deposits may be transferable.

Course Overview:

First students learn the basics of freediving. This includes breathing techniques and the physiology involved with holding your breath for longer. We also cover rescue skills and safety considerations, practicing energetically efficient movement  and hydrodynamic body alignment.

After mastering how to reach depth with as little effort as possible, we introduce the knowledge, skills and equipment involved with finding and catching fish. This includes where to find different fish species, hunting styles, gun types, rigging options, stealth techniques, how to kill a fish, shooting/reloading a gun, along with points on ethics and sustainability. 

The freediving and spearfishing course includes all theory and practical skills required to pass the PADI Freediver course and gain level 1 certification. After completing this course you can join a Spearfishing boat trip and hunt in some of our best known fishing spots.

This course is for those with no previous experience. If you are already a certified and confident freediver, you may want to take the shorter one day Spearfishing intro course.