Liberty Shipwreck Trip

IDR 750.000

Wreck diving at its best, with no air tanks…

Sink into the sunken structures of this WW2 battleship.

Get the experience caught on camera.

Wreck diving on an epic structure that covered with coral and attracts many fish. Your instructor will take you through the best caves and passages. Depth varies from 5-25m.

The wreck is nice for snorkeling when the visibility is good. However, this trip is aimed at people who have already done some freediving on a basic level. You will experience more of the structure if you can dive down a few meters for short periods of time. If you have not already done a freediving course we highly recommend that you consider doing one. For more information about our PADI freediver course, click here.

On this fun dive trip we do not use a rope/line. We usually just snorkel and dive from surface without the support of a freediving buoy. If you require a buoy to breath up, please request one.

For more information about wreck diving on the USAT Liberty shipwreck, and to find out about other great freediving spots in Bali, check out our blog post “Best freediving spots in Bali”.


IDR 750.000 (1 person),      IDR 1.150.000 (2 person)

Price Includes:

  • Instructor guide.
  • Full equipment rental.

Extra costs:

  • Color enhanced photos of your wreck diving trip: IDR 900.000 (1 person), IDR 1.400.000 (2 person)