Welcome to Fathom Freediving Bali

Under the waves is a true wilderness, alive with strange creatures. It's a mysterious world of origins that touches something deep within us. Freediving in Bali is a therapeutic return to water and, when mastered, is a natural, calm activity that invigorates and inspires us.

Our school is here to share freediving with anyone who feels drawn to it. We incorporate aspects of yoga, breathwork and psychology into certified PADI and AIDA courses. We encourage students to unlock their amphibious potential, finding inner peace through the transformative freedom they experience. Freediving alters our consciousness in subtle but real ways.

The underwater world opens to those who approach it with soft focus and clear intention. States of mind reached during freediving can positively impact other areas of life. We become able to let go, live in the moment and manage emotions.

Do you want to discover a magical space… in water and within yourself?

Nurture a fluid awareness of aquatic flow. Join us on an alchemical adventure into the liquid wilderness.

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  • Level 1 : Freediver

  • Two days that introduce the basics. Learn relaxation and efficient movement techniques. Understand safety considerations and practice resques. 
  • Level 2 : Advanced Freediver

  • Three days that build on the basics. Become a safer, more knowledgable and deeper freediver.
  • Level 3 : Master Freediver

  • Four days  that focus on the most advance training and equalisation techniques used by proffessional freedivers.
  • Freediving Instructor

  • Seven to nine days that will test your knowledge and skills. Practice teaching through role-play scenarios and powerpoint presentations. 
  • Coaching Sessions

  •   Work with an instructor in water. Increase your depth and time or just improve your confidence and technique.
  • Freediving & Spearfishing Course

  • Like eating fish? Become a skilled underwater hunter in three days. Learn to freedive confidently and then practice shooting and reloading a speargun.

  • Spearfishing Course

  • Already a certified and confident freediver? Take this one day course to learn hunting techniques and gun skills.

  • Singaraja Spearfishing Charter

  • If you already have spearfishing experience, or you just completed our Spearfishing course, this Singaraja Spearfishing charter is the best fishing we know in Bali.


Liberty Shipwreck Trip

Your instructor will take you on a guided tour through the colorful corals, crevices and caves that schools of fish now call home.

Freediving Photo Shoots

Get photos of yourself freediving at some of the most beautiful underwater locations in Bali. Optional freediving lessons before the photoshoot will help you get the best pictures.

Swim with Manta

These gentle giants can be quite playful and are a joy to watch as they swoop and glide over the reef. Having some freediving skills allows another level of interaction.

Surf Survival Course

Feeling anxious as you are held underwater? Only have a few seconds to breathe before the next set arrives? Learn to stay calm in these stressful situations.


Releasing emotions, reducing anxiety, integrating trauma, cultivating health, energy and calm states of mind.


We take photos, make instructional videos and vlogs. Check out some our work here.