Our Focus

Our freediving courses combine science, relaxation breathing and aquatic movement techniques to create amphibious humans. Learn how to move efficiently and effortlessly, like a water creature. Experience the depth of your aquatic nature. Be safe and happy in water.

We also offer spearfishing courses, spearfishing charters, manta tours, guided freediving on the Liberty shipwreck and professional underwater photoshoots.

We feel a strong connection to water and our school is about sharing this therapeutic return to the big blue. We encourage students to discover their potential and draw inspiration from the freediving journey. Personal development happens on many levels through this transformative practice.

Anyone can learn to freedive. Simple relaxation techniques calm the body and mind, helping to conserve oxygen. Mastering the art of hydrodynamic movement, it is possible for beginners to reach depths of 10-20m on a two days course with us, freediving in Bali.

Nurture a fluid awareness of self and sea. Join us on an alchemical adventure into the liquid wilderness. Inside and out. So above, so below.


  • PADI Basic Freediver

  • This Bali freediving course covers some of the basic practical skills from the level 1 course in a single day. Basic theory, breathing, and open water skills are included

  • Level 1 – Freediver

  • This Bali freediving course introduces the basics. Learn how to relax the mind/body and increase your breath hold time using simple breathing techniques.

  • PADI Advanced Freediver (Level 2)

  • This Bali freediving course builds on the basics. Advanced skills such as “freefall” are introduced to allow easier, longer and deeper dives.

  • PADI Master Freediver (Level 3)

  • This Bali freediving course focuses on the most advanced equalisation techniques used when training for serious depth.

  • PADI Freediving Instructor course

  • If you have completed a freediving course and just want to practice what you have learnt before moving onto the next level, coaching sessions are perfect for you.

  • Coaching Sessions

  • If you have completed a freediving course and just want to practice what you have learnt before moving onto the next level, coaching sessions are perfect for you.

Speciality Courses and Trips

Bali Freediving Photo Shoots

Freediving photo shoots in Bali with our professional underwater photographer and post production expert.

No fins workshop

This finless discipline has been described as the purest form of freediving.

Spearfishing Intro Course

This spearfishing course covers equipment, shooting/reloading a gun, safety considerations, understanding fish species and their habitats...

Freediving & Spearfishing Course

No previous experience necessary. Learn how to freedive and hunt fish with a spear gun.

Surf Survival Course

This one day course prepares surfers for sudden and long breath holds when held underwater in a set of waves.

Breathwork and Meditation

The breath is the link between mind and body, between conscious and sub-conscious. The breath is the foundation of life. The breath is the path to healing and clarity.

Explore the Liberty Shipwreck

Sink into the sunken structures of this WW2 battleship.

Swim with Manta Rays

Get up close with 3-5m Manta Rays. These gentle beings can be quite playful

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