Teaching Methods – Video Analysis

Teaching Methods – Video Analysis

Teaching methods will vary depending on the student. Some people respond well to simple verbal instructions in the water. Other people need more time to practice body awarenss or develop certain muscles. For many, seeing themselves on video is a great help.

Being a good instructor is knowing what teaching methods to use for a particular student at the current stage in their development. Be aware, there is no point focusing on technique when the student is not relaxed. Get them relaxed and comfortable first.

Michael was a keen student. He was a seasoned surfer and a natural waterman, so relaxing in the water was easy. His main issue was technique, or more accurately, developing his right leg muscles. He came to us after recovering from a serious motorbike accident. Read about Michael’s experience doing the PADI Freediver course.

From the video below you can see how a weaker right leg effects his finning style. Because of the reduced power in this leg, he tends to spiral around the line. None the less, Michael still reached 20m in 2 days.

This also highlights the importance of relaxation above all else.

We often use video analysis on our courses as it’s a great learning tool. Replaying footage of a students diving helps them to become aware of details and minor or major errors in technique. When corrected, these small details can make big differences in performance.